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March 30, 2017
How a young-looking lunar volcano hides its true age

Providence RI (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
While orbiting the Moon in 1971, the crew of Apollo 15 photographed a strange geological feature - a bumpy, D-shaped depression about two miles long and a mile wide - that has fascinated planetary scientists ever since. Some have suggested that the feature, known as Ina, is evidence of a volcanic eruption Moon within the past 100 million years - a billion years or so after most volcanic activity on the Moon is thought to have ceased. But new research led by Brown University geologists suggests tha ... read more

Deep space gateway to open opportunities for distant destinations
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
NASA is leading the next steps into deep space near the moon, where astronauts will build and begin testing the systems needed for challenging missions to deep space destinations including Mars. The ... more
ExoTerra to become first privately owned space company to fly to an asteroid
Littleton CO (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
NASA has awarded ExoTerra Corporation a $2.5M contract to demonstrate a novel solar electric propulsion system for CubeSats that will enable the shoebox-sized spacecraft to triple their available po ... more
Surviving the long dark night of the Moon
Paris (ESA) Mar 27, 2017
Designers of future Moon missions and bases have to contend with a chilling challenge: how might their creations endure the fortnight-long lunar night? ESA has arrived at a low-cost way of surviving ... more
PSI toolbox for research and exploration project funded for $5.5 million
Tucson AZ (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
The Planetary Science Institute has been awarded $5.5 million by NASA to be a research node of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) to advance basic and applied research ... more
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Develop commercial strategies for the global deployment of SMRs and Advanced Reactors
MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
Directed Energy And Next Generation Munitions - 26-28 June - Washington DC
27 th Space Cryogenics Workshop - July 5-7, 2017 - Oak Brook, Illinois
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Unexpected, star-spangled find may lead to advanced electronics
Dallas TX (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
For several years, a team of researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas has investigated various materials in search of those whose electrical properties might make them suitable for small, en ... more
NASA Selects New Research Teams to Further Solar System Research
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
In an effort to advance basic and applied research for lunar and planetary science, and advance human exploration of the solar system though scientific discovery, NASA created the Solar System Explo ... more
ESA's Jupiter mission moves off the drawing board
Paris (ESA) Mar 17, 2017
Demanding electric, magnetic and power requirements, harsh radiation, and strict planetary protection rules are some of the critical issues that had to be tackled in order to move ESA's Jupiter Icy ... more
Team Indus To Send Seven Experiments To The Moon Including Three From India
Bengaluru, India (IANS) Mar 17, 2017
Seven teams, including three from India, have qualified for the country's first private moon mission in December, space technology start-up TeamIndus said on Wednesday. "Teams Callisto, Ears a ... more
Fly me to the Moon: Russia seeks new cosmonauts
Moscow (AFP) March 14, 2017
Russia's space agency on Tuesday announced a recruitment drive for young would-be cosmonauts who it hopes will become the country's first on the Moon. And women are welcome, an official stressed. ... more
The Second Moon Race
Gerroa, Australia (SPX) Mar 13, 2017
The US and China are in an undeclared race back to the Moon. At first glance it's easy to dismiss China's efforts as being little more than what the US and Russia achieved decades ago. And whi ... more

Sun Devils working for a chance to induce photosynthesis on our lunar neighbor

Under Trump, the Moon regains interest as possible destination
Washington (AFP) March 12, 2017
Dismissed by former US president Barack Obama as a place explorers had already seen, the Moon has once again gained interest as a potential destination under Donald Trump's presidency. ... more
NASA finds missing LRO, Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiters
Washington (UPI) Mar 10, 2017
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said it has located its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft after disappearing for years. ... more
Elon Musk: tech dreamer reaching for sun, moon and stars
San Francisco (AFP) March 5, 2017
Sending tourists for a trip around the moon is the latest big idea launched by Elon Musk, a Silicon Valley star known for turning his passions into visionary enterprises. ... more
India's Moon Mission on 2018 Target, Says ISRO Chief
Moscow (Sputnik) Mar 03, 2017
ISRO boss AS Kiran Kumar says the second lunar mission Chandrayaan 2 is making good progress; it is scheduled for launch next year. But critics question why should India get into the manned spacefli ... more

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Mars dust storm west of Opportunity starting to abate
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 27, 2017
Opportunity is just outside the rim of Endeavour Crater, heading to the gully, named 'Perseverance Valley.' The large regional dust storm to the west of the rover's site has started to abate, although there is still a lot of dust in the atmosphere and rover energy levels are affected. On Sol 4672 (March 16, 2017), Opportunity drove over 141 feet (43 meters) to the south. Owning to the elev ... more
Paris (ESA) Mar 29, 2017
Final two ExoMars landing sites chosen
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 23, 2017
Breaks observed in Curiosity rover wheel treads
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 21, 2017
Mars Volcano, Earth's Dinosaurs Went Extinct About the Same Time
Titan is covered by electrically charged sand grains, experiments suggest
Washington (UPI) Mar 27, 2017
New research suggests the sand grains on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, behave similar to the packing peanuts used in shipping boxes. Lab experiments suggest the granules become electrically charged and clump together, resisting motion as they attach themselves to other hydrocarbons. The sand grains become charged as they're excited by strong winds and hop along the surface - a p ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 30, 2017
Checking in on Bleriot
Atlanta GA (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
The electric sands of Titan
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 15, 2017
Cassini Sees Heat Below the Icy Surface of Enceladus
ANU leads public search for Planet X
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
The Australian National University (ANU) is launching a search for a new major planet within our solar system, inviting anyone around the world with access to the Internet to help make the historic discovery. Anyone who helps find the so-called Planet X will work with ANU astronomers to validate the discovery through the International Astronomical Union. ANU astrophysicist Dr. Brad T ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 27, 2017
Juno Spacecraft Set for Fifth Jupiter Flyby
Baltimore MD (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
Scientists make the case to restore Pluto's planet status
Paris (ESA) Mar 17, 2017
ESA's Jupiter mission moves off the drawing board
X-Hab working seventh season of academic-aided innovation
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Some of the newest tech that will make living on other worlds possible may come in part from research and imagination of college students working with NASA through a project called X-Hab that is entering its seventh year fostering cooperation between the space agency and universities around the country. Short for eXploration Systems and Habitation Academic Innovation Challenge, the X-Hab c ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Deep space gateway to open opportunities for distant destinations
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
NASA unveils new searchable multimedia library
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
NASA partnerships open the path from ground to space
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New Nano Devices Could Withstand Extreme Environments in Space
Stanford CA (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
Behind its thick swirling clouds, Venus is hiding a hot surface pelted with sulfuric acid rains. At 480C, the planet's atmosphere would fry any of today's electronics, posing a challenge to scientists hoping to study this extreme environment. Researchers at the Stanford Extreme Environment Microsystems Laboratory, or the XLab, are on a mission to conquer these conditions. By developing hea ... more
Hanover NH (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
3-D printing turns nanomachines into life-size workers
Krasnoyarsk, Russia (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys
Paris, France (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
Light-controlled gearbox for nanomachines
Musk diving into minds while reaching for Mars
San Francisco (AFP) March 28, 2017
Not content to reach for Mars and dethrone fossil fuels, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Tuesday is turning his focus to delving into people's minds. In a message fired off Tuesday on Twitter, Musk appeared to confirm he is creating a startup called Neuralink devoted to enabling brains to interface directly with computers, accessing processing power and perhaps even downloading memories for s ... more
Miami (AFP) March 30, 2017
SpaceX poised to launch first recycled rocket
Stennis Space Center, MS (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
The "Brain" of the Space Launch System RS-25 Engine Passes Critical Test
Spaceport America NM (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Spaceport America sets new record for student launched sounding rocket
China Develops Spaceship Capable of Moon Landing
Beijing (Sputnik) Mar 13, 2017
Chinese state media is reporting that the country's space program has developed a craft capable of both landing on the moon and flying in low-Earth orbit. The new spacecraft is claimed to be able to accommodate multiple astronauts, according to spaceship engineer Zhang Bainian, who Science and Technology Daily cited as comparing the forthcoming ship to the Orion craft currently in developm ... more
Wenchang, China (XNA) Mar 13, 2017
Long March-7 Y2 ready for launch of China's first cargo spacecraft
Beijing (Sputnik) Mar 09, 2017
China Seeks Space Rockets Launched from Airplanes
Beijing (XNA) Mar 07, 2017
Riding an asteroid: China's next space goal
Researchers plan simulations of laser pulse-material interactions
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
With the advent of laser technology in the 1960s, materials scientists gained a new tool to both study and modify materials. Today, lasers allow researchers to manipulate materials on atomic and subatomic levels, leading to new materials and a host of other applications. For instance, by controlling laser wavelength, intensity, and pulse duration, researchers can modify metals to exhibit u ... more
Leicester, UK (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
'Ground Control' Arrives at Leicester University
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Turning to Chemistry for New "Computing" Concepts
Salt Lake City UT (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices
MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
Cells adapt ultra-rapidly to zero gravity
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Mar 01, 2017
Mammalian cells are optimally adapted to gravity. But what happens in the microgravity environment of space if the earth's pull disappears? Previously, many experiments exhibited cell changes - after hours or even days in zero gravity. Astronauts, however, returned to Earth without any severe health problems after long missions in space, which begs the question as to how capable cells are of ada ... more
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Feb 22, 2017
'Gravitational noise' interferes with determining distant sources
Chicago IL (SPX) Feb 17, 2017
New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 14, 2017
Increasing the sensitivity of next-generation gravitational wave detectors
New, highly accurate positions and motions available for millions of stars
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) has released a new catalog of over 107 million stars, the 5th USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog (UCAC5). This catalog of about 5.5 gigabytes of binary data is currently available from the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO) Data Center. It will soon be available from the Astronomical Data Center (CDS) in Strasbourg, France and its mirror sites. ... more
Amherst MA (SPX) Mar 28, 2017
Astronomers find unexpected, dust-obscured star formation in distant galaxy
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Mar 28, 2017
New portal to unveil the dark sector of the universe
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
James Webb Space Telescope completes acoustic and vibration tests
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
Russia to face strong competition from China in space launch market
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 26, 2016
In the decade to come Russia will face strong competition from China for the commercial launch of satellites for developing countries, according to Ivan Moiseev, director of the Institute of Space Policy."China is trying to expand its space launching services, developing new boosters for different segments of the market," Moiseev told RIA Novosti. "It has constructed a new spacecraft launc ... more
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Oct 27, 2016
Vega And Gokturk-1A are present for next Arianespace lightweight mission
Bethesda MD (SPX) Oct 25, 2016
Antares Rides Again
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Oct 21, 2016
Four Galileo satellites are "topped off" for Arianespace's milestone Ariane 5 launch from the Spaceport
China Develops Spaceship Capable of Moon Landing
Beijing (Sputnik) Mar 13, 2017
Chinese state media is reporting that the country's space program has developed a craft capable of both landing on the moon and flying in low-Earth orbit. The new spacecraft is claimed to be able to accommodate multiple astronauts, according to spaceship engineer Zhang Bainian, who Science and Technology Daily cited as comparing the forthcoming ship to the Orion craft currently in developm ... more
Wenchang, China (XNA) Mar 13, 2017
Long March-7 Y2 ready for launch of China's first cargo spacecraft
Beijing (Sputnik) Mar 09, 2017
China Seeks Space Rockets Launched from Airplanes
Beijing (XNA) Mar 07, 2017
Riding an asteroid: China's next space goal
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Large-scale planetary waves found on the sun
Washington (UPI) Mar 27, 2017
Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have discovered Rossby waves on the sun. The large-scale planetary waves were first discovered on Earth. On Earth, Rossby waves are correlated with local weather events. On the sun, scientists suggest the waves could influence solar activity and related phenomena, like sunspots and solar flares. "The discovery of magnetiz ... more
Gottingen, Germany (SPX) Mar 28, 2017
Sunrise 2: A Second Look At The Sun
Boulder CO (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Planetary waves, first found on Earth, are discovered on sun
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
NASA's SDO sees a stretch of spotless Sun
Vietnam set to produce satellites by 2022
Hanoi (XNA) Mar 27, 2017
Vietnam targets to self-develop Lotusat-2 by 2022 when its technical facilities for satellite research, assembly, integration and testing are ready to operate, according to the Vietnam National Satellite Center (VNSC). Pham Anh Tuan, director of VNSC, was quoted by local Nhan Dan (People) newspaper as saying on Friday that after developing one-kilogram PicoDragon, the first Vietnamese self ... more
Davie FL (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
Globalsat Sky and Space Global sign MoU for testing and offering satellite service in Latin America
Exploration Park FL (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
OneWeb Satellites breaks ground on high-volume satellite manufacturing facility
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Mar 21, 2017
Start-Ups at the Final Frontier
A Trojan in Retreat
Tucson AZ (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
For at least a million years, an asteroid orbiting the "wrong" way around the Sun has been playing a cosmic game of chicken with giant Jupiter and about 6,000 other asteroids sharing the giant planet's space, says a report published in the latest issue of Nature. The asteroid is the only one in the solar system known to have an opposite, or retrograde, orbit around the Sun while at the sam ... more
Littleton CO (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
ExoTerra to become first privately owned space company to fly to an asteroid
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
OSIRIS-REx asteroid search tests instruments, science team
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 23, 2017
Ice in Ceres' shadowed craters linked to tilt history
Tech world debate on robots and jobs heats up
Washington (AFP) March 26, 2017
Are robots coming for your job? Although technology has long affected the labor force, recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are heightening concerns about automation replacing a growing number of occupations, including highly skilled or "knowledge-based" jobs. Just a few examples: self-driving technology may eliminate the need for taxi, Uber and truck drivers, algorith ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Printable device points toward sensor-laden robot skin
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Quadruped robot exhibits spontaneous changes in step with speed
Washington (UPI) Mar 22, 2017
Kraken Sonar Systems gains funding for robotics project

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